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These vintage car engagement photos with Jessica and Larry was absolutely incredible. Although, Jessica and Larry are planning a destination wedding this summer, I enjoyed capturing their outdoor engagement session. The white vintage Rolls Royce made a beautiful backdrop and unique addition to their spring vintage car engagement session. The skyline and water view at […]

Vintage Car Engagement Photos


Vintage Car Engagement Photo Ideas of African American couple.

Printed artwork is an investment that stands the test of time – both in quality and significance. Although, in our digital age, we’re inundated with fleeting images that get lost in the virtual void. For modern women over 40, having your portrait professionally printed and prominently displayed is an empowering statement of self-love. It celebrates […]

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Why Printed Artwork is Worth Splurging On

This studio engagement session was epic! Shedon and Derrick’s love story was so enchanting and I had the pleasure of capturing it. The couple reached out to me just before Christmas. Their excitement for their impending nuptials was apparent even through our initial conversations. Engaged for a month, Shedon was determined to get ahead of […]

Alexandria, VA Studio Engagement Session


I’m thrilled to explain the meaning and purpose of “What is 40 over 40?”. It’s not just a movement but a celebration of beauty, resilience, and the incredible journey that is womanhood. Welcome to the world of “40 over 40,” a movement born from the desire to connect, capture, and celebrate women over the age […]


What is 40 over 40: Women Portrait Photography

This guide is designed to highlight the empowering, confidence-boosting aspects of boudoir sessions while addressing any insecurities or myths. 

From Your Alexandria Portrait photographer:

10 Reasons Every Woman 
Deserves a Boudoir Experience