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For so many of us, hitting 40 can feel like a pivotal moment in our lives. You start to reflect on your life and become more in tune with your purpose, self-awareness, and love. I started this project to help you take time to appreciate the beautiful woman you've become, inside and out. Because I believe growth is something to celebrate.

In 2022, I'm celebrating women over 40 with 40 specialty portrait sessions that beautifully capture you.

With age comes beauty, elegance, wisdom, and grace.

When I became a mother and wife in my twenties. I put my own aspirations, dreams and goals on hold to take care of my beautiful growing family. For me, turning 40 meant reclaiming my passions, investing in self-love, and finally making myself a priority. I started taking time to nurture who I was as an individual, and my life changed for the better. 

As women, we often want to take care of everyone else before ourselves. This campaign invites you to pour into yourself. Getting your hair and makeup done, wear clothes that make you feel like a million bucks, and have the photo experience of your life. Not because you need it, but because you deserve it.

Turning 40 marked a pivotal moment in my life.

I'm LaTonya Smothers,

The  40 over 40 campaign is an invitation for women over 40 to invest in self-love and steal the spotlight - with the best photo experience of your life.

•  You believe in self-love and body positivity
•  You want to celebrate a birthday, milestone, or big achievement, like a promotion or graduation
•  You want to see more women represented beautifully at every stage of life
•  You want to take time to honor yourself and your big, bold, beautiful life with a once-in-a-lifetime experience

You should join me if:

The 40 over 40 campaign is a celebration of self-love.

You'll receive a portrait of your choice in digital and print format - a $295 value! You can also use this credit towards a larger package.

a complimentary print

I'm partnering with a professional make-up artist to pamper you. You'll get to decide on a look that fits your vision & desires.

professional make-up

Together, we'll talk through the overall look of your shoot and the wardrobe choices that will make you look & feel your best!

a look consultation

Here's What Makes It Special

A Luxury Experience:

A Luxury Studio Portrait Experience:

Your story & photos will be published on our blog & social media so we can share how fabulous you are with the world

Your story featured

(a $295 value) in print & digital format. If you wish to get more than one image, add a $295 print credit to a larger package instead.

a portrait of your choice

where you see all your images & select/order your favorites

An Image reveal

where you'll feel relaxed, confident, and beautiful for the camera.

a photoshoot with LaTonya

to custom tailor your makeup look to fit your vision & desires

Professional makeup artistry

so we can get to know each other before you book

a consultation

You'll Receive:

When You Join Me,

Client Reveal


I want all women to have a chance to see themselves captured beautifully. That's why I'm offering the specialty 40 over 40 portrait experience starting at just $300.

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